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Mastercard supports people affected by the earthquake in Albania

MasterCard, the world's leading payment solution company, has joined international companies that operate in Albania in supporting relief assistance for people affected by the earthquake in Albania.

The company has announced that it has canceled all year-end activities it had planned in Albania in order to stay close to those affected by the tragedy and help people in need. The entire fund for these activities and events, was donated online via e-Albania to help the authorities in rebuilding homes and to facilitate the quick recovery of everyone who was affected by the earthquake.

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck near Durres and Tirana on 26 November has caused 51-casualties and around 900 injuries. It was estimated that thousands of people were affected, more than 1,200 others were evacuated in Thumanë, Tiranë, Durrës, Krujë and Lezhë according to Ministry of Defence and around 4000 people are now homeless. While the government and organizations are working tirelessly to deliver long term solutions to all the people that are now without a home, the needs for this task remain colossal.

Together with other entities and individuals who voluntarily contributed to the platform, managed by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the donations will support Civil Emergencies to assist earthquake victims as well as government entities to start rebuilding as soon as possible.


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