Albania takes over the OSCE leadership, Rama: An extraordinary moment for my country

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, held a speech during the ceremony for taking over the leadership of the OSCE presidency.

“I trust that the path paved by the Slovakian presidency will serve as a reference point. This is an extraordinary moment of my country”, Rama said during this opening speech.

“When the OSCE was founded, years ago, Albania was isolated and refused to become part of it.

“OSCE cannot resolve all of the issues, but without it, there would certainly be more issues. The OSCE has given a lot to Albania in these years.

“It would have been impossible for Albania to change without the OSCE. The OSCE has proven that it can be deployed in conflicted areas.

“Let’s promote the work of our organization by being closer to the people. The Albanian leadership will do everything possible for implementing the Minsk agreement”, Rama said.

The Prime Minister also added that the Albanian leadership will maximize the fight against human traffic, while cybernetic security is going to be a priority.

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