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Rama: Whoever tries to stop elections, banned for life from USA and EU

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, warned that the Criminal Code is very harsh in this aspect.

"It is not worthy to take yourself to the hands of justice for the most criminal politics. That would put you on the blacklists of the EU and USA. I don?t want to see a single Albanian face such trouble that will last for life, just because something this stupid", Rama told the opposition which claims that they will not allow elections on June 30th.

As for the 61 Socialist candidates, the Prime Minister asked them to stay calm and preserve their patience, although they will not have the members of the opposition in front of them.

The Prime Minister blamed Sali Berisha for the extreme behavior of the opposition.

"For the past 30 years, this country has been inhaling the poisoned gas that was released by an individual who was shaped by the communist party, from which he imported the class hate into the Democratic Party, and planted a blind parcel of hate. June 30th must put a limit to any politician and political group, who can protest peacefully but that cannot be allowed to try and replace the people, or impose the people?s will by blocking roads and throwing fireworks", Rama said.

While underlining that whoever will try to get close to the polling stations will only be burning themselves, the Prime Minister invited Lulzim Basha once again for dialogue.

"That agreement cannot work because the DP has changed its look, but not its core. Their core is Sali Berisha, who can?t even change his look. Lulzim Basha is just the look. I am ready to sit and discuss with him anything that the majority can offer. I have no conditions. The Constitution is equal to all of us and we must respect it", Rama said.


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