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Rama to Basha: Ready for any kind of dialogue

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, said that he is open for dialogue: "I have no conditions, like my predecessor or my friend, who says that I should go if they want to talk. If I go, who are you talking to? To the walls?", Rama declared.

Rama has articulated his readiness for dialogue from the beginning of this crisis. But what can he offer the opposition?

"We are ready to sit and identify the problems. If they think that the problem is the rule of law, let?s sit and see how we can address it more than we have already had with the Judiciary Reform. Vote purchase? We have undertaken many legal measures. We could take others. This is what dialogue is for", Rama explained.

The Prime Minister gave this argument for not postponing the elections of June 30th.

"The elections of June 30th will be held on June 30th. I have no real capacities to fantasize any other way, because this is the Albanian Constitution. I have the honor to be talking on behalf of a majority in Parliament, a majority among the people. The elections of 2021 are will be here very soon", the Prime Minister said.


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