Exclusive / The Lawyer who has studied in Bologna, submits a candidacy for Prosecutor General of Albania

Today, another candidate has submitted a voluminous file for the post of ProsecutorGeneral. ‘’Gazeta shqip’’ newspaper learns exclusively that it is about the well-known lawyer, Mr. Lulzim Alushaj.
Until now, there are only two candidates competing for the post of Prosecutor General of Albania. The first is Mr. Olsian Çela who comes from the prosecution office, and the second is Mr. Lulzim Alushaj with a great career in Civil Law.

While, is also expected to compete the current temporary Prosecutor General, Mrs. Arta Marku.

The professional CV of the candidate for the Prosecutor General, Mr. Lulzim Alushaj

He is one of the strongest contenders in this competition, seeing his career and professional skills.
Since 2005, he has received the professional title “Lawyer from the National Chamber of Advocacy” in Italy. He is also a PhD in Legal Studies with excellent results in Naples.

Lulzim  Alushaj is the only one who has graduated in a European Union country, in the ranks of the justice system and this is an advantage in the race for the Prosecutor General in Albania.
The Doctorate in Italy has defended the field of studies, “EU Governance, Social and Fiscal Policies” and has defended the theme entitled “European Integration Policies, starting in Social, Economic and Legal Areas”.

With regard to higher education, Mr. Lulzim Alushaj completed the Master of International Law at the University of Bologna in Italy in 2005. In the years 2000-2004, he graduated from the University of Bologna for Jurisprudence. All his diplomas have been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science in Albania.

The Lawyer has been and continues to be a permanent participant in various conferences and seminars, attended in Albania and abroad.

How will the new Prosecutor General be elected?

Candidates who meet the conditions required by law are evaluated and ranked by the Council of the Prosecution Office based on several criteria:
– professional assessment in the field of criminal justice;
– moral and professional integrity of the candidate;
– organizational and management skills;
– assessment of complementary elements such as academic titles, studies and training abroad, foreign language knowledge.

The Council of the Prosecution then submits to the Albanian Parliament the proposal to elect the Prosecutor General among the three candidates ranked first on the list. The Prosecutor General is elected the candidate who receives the votes of at least 84 deputies. The law does not limit the number of votes that theParliament may take, but if he fails to elect the Prosecutor General within 30 days from the submission of the proposals, the candidate listed first by the Council of the Prosecution Office is proclaimed a nominee.
”Gazeta Shqip”

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